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At rambe legal we work closely together with or clients and many times they will turn to us for advice on non-legal matters regarding how to improve, promote, or optimise their business.

We at rambe legal do not provide services in [marketing/market research/management consulting], however we do feel that these issues are key factors for success and we have dedicated ourselves to cooperation with a limited number of specialised professionals to secure that we can offer our clients a reliable access to a highly qualified service provider for the benefit of our clients' businesses and thus our.

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Our partners:

Bioventia Capital & Competence
[ www.bioventia.com ]

Bioventia Life Science Consultants is a newly formed consulting company, founded in June 2000. Their offices are located in Uppsala Science Park, a center within the active biotech cluster of the region covering Stockholm and Uppsala.

[ www.conlega.com ]

Conlega is a consultancy firm specialising in the biobusiness area. They support business growth through professional services in business development, marketing and management. Their clients are mainly start-up, small and medium size companies in a phase of expansion.

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