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SLU logo
SLU Holding AB came into being from the wish and demand to increase and speed up the transfer to a commercial phase, of new intellectual capital coming from research at the Swedish University of Agriculture (SLU). The Company strives to, through bringing competence and financial assistance to different projects, create favourable conditions for the commercial development of new ideas. Priority is given to projects which may lead to industrial production and the marketing of systems and products. .

[ www.sluholding.se ]

Nackageriatrikens logo
Nackageriatriken is a private health care provider dedicated to providing high quality geriatric care to all it's patients. Most of it's services are carried out on behalf of Stockholm County Council.

[ www.nackageriatriken.se ]


Neopharma’s business concept is to develop, manufacture and market unique patent-protected pharmaceutical preparations and drug delivery systems in the first instance to treat Parkinson’s disease. NeoPharma will provide medicines and administration systems to provide an improved quality of life for patients and improved healthcare economy for society.

[ www.neopharma.se ]

SweTreeTechnologies is an R&D company specializing in Forest Biotechnology. The company will build a patent portfolio based on the strong Swedish research in forest biotechnology and also create unique competencies in enabling technologies for construction and improvements of transgenic trees and forest related enzymology.

SweTree Technologies has a [ strategic partership agreement ] with rambe legal.

[ www.swetree.com ]

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