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Gyros is pioneering the next generation of integrated microfluidic solutions in a plastic compact disk format. Using extensive expertise in microfluidics, chemistry, engineering, software and applications, Gyros is developing specific integrated miniaturized products for the life science and diagnostic markets.

Gyros has a [ strategic partership agreement ] with rambe legal.

[ www.gyros.com ]

Biotage is a global company focused on life sciences. It provides complete solutions, knowledge and experience in the areas of genetic analysis and medicinal chemistry. The company’s strengths include innovative and high-quality technologies, a broad business base and a long-term view of the market.

[ www.biotage.com ]

KaroBio s a drug discovery company focusing its research on the discovery and pre-clinical phases of drug development. Research is conducted primarily in the area of nuclear receptors.

KaroBio has a [ strategic partership agreement ] with rambe legal.

[ www.karobio.com ]

Nidacon International AB manufactures and sells medical devices mainly for the Assisted Reproduction Technology field but also for the pharmaceutical industry. Nidacon's products are supplied globally.

[ www.nidacon.com ]


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