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We believe that each of our clients is entitled to timely support and truly dedicated service from their lawyers. You as our client need to feel comfortable that you will get accurate answers to your questions at the right time in your strategic processes.

We are certain that this can only be achieved if your lawyers as true professionals have in-depth knowledge about the market that you operate in as well as about your company.

With a clear and documented focus on and experience of the life science industry and with the members of our team especially selected for their extensive skills in business law and complimenting areas of expertise, rambe legal is well equipped to take on the challenge of being your strategic legal partner.


In order to secure that we are fully informed about your company and its needs at all times, we are keen to find means of collaboration that are tailored to fit your operations.

We strive to have close contact with the managers in decision-making positions as well as with other key personnel who can give us a full understanding of what drives your business.

In order to facilitate a close collaboration and to further enhance the benefit of being our client we offer you our
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