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  • How well do you know the legal status of your company?
  • Are all your intellectual property rights fully secured?
  • Are all your necessary documents complete and on file?

We at rambe legal can help you answer these questions and many more. We can provide you with adequate material and information to check the legal standing of your company and to make a detailed quality control of your documentation. Our program to support you in this includes five steps as shown on this page. Our program includes giving you access to our extensive company checklist and to work with you in evaluating your answers and findings.




The legal quality control program includes the following steps:

  1. Your request for our assistance together with basic information concerning your company and its business.
  2. We present you with an extensive custom-made checklist for your company. We go through the checklist in detail with you in order to ascertain that it is complete and appropriate.
  3. You provide answers to the questions raised in the checklist and we evaluate and analyse your findings.
  4. We hold a meeting and discuss the results and give you our view on the legal status of your company.
  5. We provide you with a suggestion for an action list in order to improve the legal status of your company (if necessary).

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