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rambe legal answers to your need of a full service law firm with broad experience of your industry combined with depth in legal knowledge.

We at rambe legal will be your [ strategic partner ] when you need timely and tailored support.

  • We know that the earlier you get legal support the better riskmitigation you get in every stage of your process.
  • We help you to focus on your core business.
  • We bring together both business and legal experience to the benefit of our clients in their efforts to achieve long term objectives.
  • We have unique expertise in the field of life science.
  • We understand life science business in its different shapes as we deal with start-ups as well as large corporations.


  • We follow the market that you are active in.
  • We point out possibilities as well as risks.
  • We speak your language


In the menu above you can go forward to find further information on what we mean with becoming your strategic partner, what services and tailor-made arrangements we can offer as well as a descriptive example of one of our models for helping you to evaluate your business from a legal and business perspective and thereby make the most of our services.


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